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A global community that honors and recognizes restorative justice as a pathway to social justice, equity, equality, cultural diversity, and world peace for all.


We are international partners that promote and advance safe and healthy community cultures where youth, adults, and families can thrive and experience resiliency, growth, healing, reconciliation, and transformation.



The GRJP was formed in July 2020 by academics, practitioners, law enforcement officers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, public managers, and elected officials from various regions around of the world to focus on global restorative justice and community issues.


Collectively, these partners are committed to exploring opportunities to create:

(1) community restorative justice programming,

(2) deflection and diversion opportunities for youth and emerging adults,

(3) support services for youth and emerging adults,

(4) reentry supports for individuals returning to their communities,

(5) family support services,

(6) training opportunities such as global webinars, global workshops, documentaries, publications, webinars, academic curriculum, etc.,

(7) peer reviewed publications to support Restorative Justice efforts around the world,

(8) national and global public policy review, and

(9) academic scholarships and professorships.


Active members include individuals from Hawaii, California, Illinois, Tennessee, Washington D.C., New York, Italy, London, Nepal, Singapore, and many more.


Concrete Wall


This vision will be realized through restorative justice philosophy and practices as the foundation for our global community:

  • Promoting peacemaking practices and cultures of peace

  • Creating leadership within communities

  • Developing partnerships and networks within communities to meet needs of youth, adults, and families

  • Strengthening compassionate and caring relationships within communities

  • Fostering a sense of belonging and responsibility for all individuals within their communities

  • Advocating for the sustainability of individual and community capacity

  • Assessing, measuring, evaluating the impact of the above efforts, and publishing results

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