Care Over Punishment: Conference 2021

April 21-22. 2021 I 2:00 PM - 6:00pm


Workshop #2 : Oakland, CA

"Envisioning a future where justice heals"

Community Works envisions a future where justice heals. We know we are not alone. In this workshop, we aim to bring together restorative practitioners who are responding to violence in ways that do not involve criminalization. Our hope is to connect some of our dreaming and doing in service of learning from one another. At the end of this 40 minute workshop, participants will have (1) created a collaborative map of JustCommunity; (2) reached a basic understanding of the impact restorative justice diversion is having in two counties in northern California, U.S.A.; and (3) learned about other community-led justice initiatives to address interpersonal harm and violence. 

Annabelle Berrios

Annabelle Berrios Profile.jpg

Annabelle Berríos identifies as a tri-racial Latine woman who was raised in a community-centered culture in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She attended Boston College and Boston College Law School, where she was a recipient of the Public Interest Law Foundation Award. She practiced law for 13 years, mostly in the criminal field. She later obtained a Master of Arts in East West Psychology at the California Institute for Integral Studies, where she focused her studies on the parallel process of individual transformation and social change. She served as Advocacy & Training Manager at the Contra Costa Family Justice Center, where she designed and implemented a leadership program where Black and Latinx survivors of interpersonal violence developed and executed independent, self-directed community projects.

Jenna Kress


Jenna Kress was born and raised in the Washington DC Area, and is now living in Oakland California, USA. She received a Bachelor in Social Work degree from the University of Georgia and went on to earn a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. Through her education and study abroad experience in Cape Town, South Africa, Jenna has been able to support individuals and families impacted by interpersonal violence and mass incarceration. Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, she has been working at Community Works as a Senior Coordinator for the Restorative Community Conferencing (RCC) program, the first program to implement the nationwide Restorative Justice Diversion model in Alameda County, California, USA. Jenna is committed to fostering meaningful experiences and dialogue to promote community building and healing.